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Pixel Fight!

“Pixel Fight!” is a non-commercial game that I have programmed using Delphi.
But perhaps the most striking aspect of this project is the controller that I developed for the game specifically. It is a motion controller with the following features connected to an Atmel Microchip: Accelerometer, 5 Buttons, 5 LEDs, Rumble Motor, PC communication Port.
I also created a short advert that you can see below, which was also one of my first ventures in Video Editing.






Clap Clap Cooking

This is a short movie/commercial that I have directed & edited using a professional film camera (Panasonic DVC200), in conjunction with the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. It highlights my ability in video editing as well as sound processing and precise placement for a good flow of visual imagery.

My main goal was to create a video that is comfortable to watch and that appeals to a broad audience.





UK's Favourite

“UK’s Favourite” is a music video that I directed and managed in 2010.


Beyond the role of director/manager of the video, I was also involved in supporting the artist in various ways: I was present during the recording of the song, where I got to know the artist as well as his intentions in greater depth. I created performance compilations for use at various venues, where I would also check for technical problems as well as motivate the artist psychologically. I would also sometimes record and let the artist rehearse in my personal home studio.   





SAM, Short Movie

In this short film, created by a third party, all sound content was removed. I then recreated the soundtrack with different music and sound effects to create an authentic viewing experience. Having not heard the previous audio content, I tried to come as close as possible in reflecting the mood changes from the video in the soundtrack. You can find the original here or here.






This page only represents a portion of my actual portfolio. If you have any queries regarding the projects on this site or if you are interested in my other projects or skills, feel free to send an email to: